A Twist of Orange

Perfect for jaunts to your local farmer’s market or grocer, Wendy Jade Wong's delightful bag design works up quickly in sturdy high-twist yarn. It’s a shopping companion you won’t ever want to leave at home! 

Kits available in the shop.



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Nautie Crochet Baskets

Inspired by lazy days spent crafting at a beach house, these lidded baskets in Infinite Twist Striped Jersey are just the right size to hold all your yarn notions, trinkets, and other tidbits. They're perfect for organizing and brightening up your desk area, too!

A wonderful introduction to crochet, these baskets feature basic stitches, and simple shaping and finishing.

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Pali Linen Stole


Timeless. Simple. Breathtaking.

MSkiKnit's Pali starts with natural linen and mother-of-pearl elements, then combines these materials with an easy-to-knit design motif to transform them into something more than the sum of its parts: an easy-to-wear stole that is unforgettable and seasonless. 

Dress it up or down. Wear it with a cocktail dress, or a t-shirt and jeans. Pali is at home wherever you are.

Kits available in the shop.






Treasure Cakes

Knit the rainbow! A new put-up of our best-selling Helix Yarn, each Treasure Cake contains twelve different colors of yarn. 

Two new projects are now in the shop using Treasure Cakes - The gorgeous gradient hat Joyful! Joyful! by Megan Williams, and the Bifrost Scarf by Cate Carter-Evans.










Cephalopods Collection

by Cate Carter-Evans

Who doesn’t need a life-sized, squishy, tentacled companion? Or better yet, a whole family of cephalopod friends?

Opus the Octopus, Opie the Mini-Octopus, and Horatio the Nautilus are available as inclusive kits with speciality eyes, and 100% wool tentacle stuffing. Be sure to check out Inkling the Squid, too!


wheel diptic.jpg








The Artisan Spinning Wheel

Acadia Wheel & Loom's sleek and modern spinning wheel delivers a supremely smooth spinning experience.

Handmade in Bar Harbor, Maine.