Shipping Delays, and Special Offer to Celebrate the Year of the Sheep!

Chinese New Year preparations are under way, and everything is shutting down - including China Customs! 

Currently, no outgoing shipments can be processed. Regular shipping resumes February 28th.

To thank you for your patience during this time (and to celebrate the wild and wooly troublemaker delaying your yarn), we're offering free 50-yard Helix mini-skeins with every order placed now through February 27th.

Want your mini-skeins in a specific color range? Just leave us a note when you check-out!







Treasure Cakes

Knit the rainbow! A new put-up of our best-selling Helix Yarn, each Treasure Cake contains twelve different colors of yarn. 

Two new projects are now in the shop using Treasure Cakes - The gorgeous gradient hat Joyful! Joyful! by Megan Williams, and the Bifrost Scarf by Cate Carter-Evans.

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Wizzpopper by Laura Linneman & Trouvaille by Leslie Thompson

The Knitgirllls shawls are here! Laura and Leslie of The Knitgirllls podcast have created two equally lovely and distinctly different shawl designs using Infinite Twist's yarns and fiber. 

Choose Leslie's Trouvaille for a modern, organic shawl with lots of styling options, or Laura's lacy confection Wizzpopper for a hint of vintage glamour.

Trouvaille is available in Halo Heather Handspun, or in our newest yarn, Nimbus - a 65% mohair/35% nylon blend that is soft and light as a cloud. Wizzpopper is available in Helix or as hand-dyed fiber for you to spin. Kits available in the shop.

Tako the Bobtail Squid by Cate Carter-Evans



Tako the Hawaiian Bobtail Squid

Quite possibly the cutest member of the cephalopod family, Tako is a sweet and mellow little squid. He’s so mellow, in fact, that he doesn’t mind that his name is used to describe both octopus and squid in Hawaiian.

Hawaiian bobtail squid are gorgeous, iridescent little creatures who fit in the palm of your hand. Tako is quite a bit bigger than the real thing, but he’s just the right size for snuggling. Kits in our Cosmos batts and hand-spun yarn include glittery Angelina fiber to provide a hint of under-sea sparkle. 

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Designed by Susan B. Anderson, this top-down crescent-shaped shawl is a joy to knit - simple and interesting at the same time!

Susan created this design during a fantastic week in August spent in Hayward, a sleepy little tourist town deep in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. She chose Clear Water for the original sample because the skies and the lakes were the deepest, clearest shades of blue - both bright and dark, exactly like the yarn. 

We've added kits in three more color options inspired by Hayward's natural surroundings - Soft Gold, Lichen, and Laurel.



Hayward Shawl by Susan B. Anderson
Ikaika Wrap by MSkiKnits


Ikaika Wrap

by MSkiKnits

Taking its name from the Hawaiian word meaning strong, MSkiKnits' Ikaika Wrap is a unique sweater, with individual elements that are very different from one another coming together to make a strong statement.

Knitted with Helix held double, this sweater works well in any season - it really can be a year round wardrobe accessory. Simple to knit, simple to wear, and anything but boring! 

Kits available in three colors in the shop.








Carousel II

by Cate Carter-Evans

Inspired by the fluted edge of an old Parisian carousel, this DK-weight v-shaped scarf / shawl with a modern edging detail is easy to knit, and remarkably easy to wear.

A gradient of rich colors in our super-soft Helix yarn combines with this simple pattern for pure knitting bliss.  

Visit the Carousel Project Page










Opus the Octopus

by Cate Carter-Evans

Who doesn’t need a life-sized, squishy, tentacled companion?

 With his sleepy eyes and wonderfully squishable body, Opus the Octopus is equally at home perched on a sofa or at the head of a bed. Best of all, Opus' pattern is free in Knitty.

Visit the Opus Project Page









by MSkiKnits

Crisp, clear, bold transitions right alongside blurred, blended marbled places. Four very distinct parts of one shawl. 

Hapa by MskiKnits is an effortless work of art for you to create.

Visit the Hapa Project Page








Inkling the Squid

by Cate Carter-Evans

Looking for a great beach knitting project? Look no further!

The first member of our Summer of Cephalopods collection, Inkling is a fun and fanciful project with loads of personality and charm. He looks great as a sofa accent, or keeping a watchful eye on things from a bookshelf.

Inkling is available as a knitting kit with everything you need, or as a pdf pattern.

Visit the Inkling Knitting Pattern Page


Krewe and Blur by Lee Meredith. Kits by Infinite Twist.



Krewe & Blur

by Lee Meredith

Inspired by colorful beaded necklaces, Krewe is created with slipped and twisted stitches. Columns of stitches are then dropped to create a cowl of the perfect density for summer evenings.

Lee has also created Blur, a free companion pattern for fingerless mitts, which is worked with Krewe's left-over yarn.

To see more of these gorgeous accessories, visit the Krewe & Blur Project Page.

wheel diptic.jpg








The Artisan Spinning Wheel

Acadia Wheel & Loom's sleek and modern spinning wheel delivers a supremely smooth spinning experience.

Handmade in Bar Harbor, Maine.