Pop Twizzle

New from Knit Graffiti, Pop Twizzle is a lush oversize seamless cowl in two-color brioche with a chevron lace edge detail. With generous dimensions (54 inches / 137 cm x 12 inches / 31 cm), it's cozy enough to keep out even the chilliest of drafts!

Featuring Umbra, a 65% camel down / 35% nylon hand-dyed luxury yarn, the finished cowl is supremely soft, light, and warm.

Kit includes 1000 yards of yarn, the pattern, a bamboo circular needle, stitch markers,  yarn needle, a two-color pattern marking pencil, and a handy gauge card.

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Banner Day

Make every day a banner day! 

Megan Williams' asymmetrical triangular shawl design pairs perfectly with our newest yarn - Infinite Twist Mini-Cake Gradients -  to yield a breezy shawl with waves of color.

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Behind the Sun

Inspired by the sun’s last rays over water, this sleek and modern elongated crescent shawl is worked from the center out in a combination of stockinette and garter stitch.

Simple stripes and a wide border are complimented by the unique texture of hand-spun yarns. Easy to memorize, this project is ideal for social or travel knitting.

Handspun kits available in the shop.








Lisse Hat

Create a picture-perfect hat!

Designed by Jill Wolcott, Lisse starts with a bobblet rib trim, continues with simple ribbing, and culminates in a crown shaped in a cluster of pendants. Each unique element works in concert to paint the complete picture - then discover the comfort of having a stockinette interior!

A completely stand-alone project, it also functions as the gauge swatch for the soon-to-be released Lisse Pullover. 

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Jaguar Critter Socks

Inspired by Japanese house socks, these whimsical two-color socks by Cate Carter-Evans feature the face of a kittenish jaguar on the toe, and a mod spots motif on the leg.

Adapted from traditional Turkish sock techniques, these socks are knit from the toe up. With increases across the hinge of the foot and decreases through the ankle, this pattern yields cozy socks with the best possible fit and unique style.









Treasure Cakes

Knit the rainbow! A new put-up of our best-selling Helix Yarn, each Treasure Cake contains twelve different colors of yarn. 

Two new projects are now in the shop using Treasure Cakes - The gorgeous gradient hat Joyful! Joyful! by Megan Williams, and the Bifrost Scarf by Cate Carter-Evans.










Cephalopods Collection

by Cate Carter-Evans

Who doesn’t need a life-sized, squishy, tentacled companion? Or better yet, a whole family of cephalopod friends?

Opus the Octopus, Opie the Mini-Octopus, and Horatio the Nautilus are available as inclusive kits with speciality eyes, and 100% wool tentacle stuffing. Be sure to check out Inkling the Squid, too!


wheel diptic.jpg








The Artisan Spinning Wheel

Acadia Wheel & Loom's sleek and modern spinning wheel delivers a supremely smooth spinning experience.

Handmade in Bar Harbor, Maine.