A happier spinning project

A happier spinning project

After my little kvetch-fest about the nubs yarn, I feel it's my duty to share a spinning project that actually went well. This one's a re-use project as well. "Thrums" are pieces of yarn that are left on the loom after the finished cloth is completed. My thrums are mostly a smidge more than a yard long, with some as long as three yards depending on how badly I lost count while winding on my warp.

Thrums drive weavers crazy because they're wasteful. It's all the yarns in your warp in an inconvenient-to-use length, and finding something to do with them can be a real challenge.

The thrums left over from my green coat project have been hanging around the house for a while, and I decided to try re-spinning them.

I started by attaching two strands of yarn of different lengths to my bobbin leader. About 6" before the first strand ended, I spliced in a third strand. I repeated the splicing as each strand ended until I had a bobbin full of highly-twisted chunky yarn.

A happier spinning project

I needed a strong "binder" for the other ply, and I wanted something relatively skinny, so I used the Navajo plying technique to bulk up some lace-weight brushed mohair from my stash. I then plyed the two strands together, and viola! New yarn from old thrums.

The first skein ended up looking a little blah (skein on the left in this picture), but by the fourth one, I was really happy with the texture. I ended up with some extra binder yarn as well, so there's lots to play with.

Any suggestions on what this yarn should turn into?