Alleys of Shanghai

Alleys of Shanghai

Mmmmmmm. Oh, such good street food.

This is a jianbing being made. Jianbing is a breakfast food, #2 on my list of favorite street foods, preceded only by the baked yam.

Jianbing starts with a batter based layer, which seems to be the lovechild of a breakfast crepe and a fortune cookie. Next up, a whole egg is cracked on top and spread out to cook, followed by unidentifiable pickled bits, ground up hot pepper in oil, and a mysterious brown sauce.

The whole thing is topped with chopped green onions and cilantro, and folded up into a convenient burrito of yum.

Alleys of Shanghai

Most Fridays and Saturdays, there is an impromptu market that happens in a nearby courtyard. You can usually find the knife sharpener, the pot mender, and the shoelace/broom/mop/feather duster seller.

This week, there was a new addition to the crew - the umbrella repairman!

He was very nice, and seemed to really know his stuff.


I love seeing common household goods being repaired rather then thrown away.Alleys of Shanghai





What did you see near your home this week?