Alleys of Shanghai: Jack and Smokes

Alleys of Shanghai: Jack and Smokes

Did you ever lose a bunch of quarters into one of those games where you try to grab a stuffed toy with a crane?

You used to see them in the lobbies of Denny's across America, next to the gum-ball machine and the machine that sold little plastic toys, decoder rings, or day-glow slime in a clear plastic bubble.

Today, I saw one full of cigarettes in lieu of stuffed toys.

Note the Disney branding on the machine's side.

Alleys of Shanghai: Jack and Smokes

In case you haven't yet reached your recommended daily dosage of the surreal, may I present the jackfruit.

They're clearly of alien origin... but perhaps alien fruit is tasty?

Both of these wonders were enjoyed at a wholesale fruit market in Putuo.

It's possible that I came home from this adventure with more fruit than I could carry comfortably. We shall see if I can put up 20 kgs of produce in three days.

What did you see around your city this week?