Cha- Cha- Cha- Changes

The advent of the shiny new job has set off many changes in my world. The commute time is changing the way I craft and what I make, and the whole Monday - Friday thing makes weekend time extremely precious.

This effects you, dear reader, because I will be blogging differently. You'll get more short posts with one image, and fewer long-form essays with a gazillion pictures.

To start off this new trend, Here's a picture of my travel sewing kit. It's a recycled Altoids tin lined with origami paper from Muji. It's got everything I need for quilting, and for most other hand-sewing projects. The Altoids box works especially well because it stays closed, and keeps sharp scissor points and needles safely enclosed.

Here's the packing list:
- scissors
- needle threader (especially useful for threading needles when you're in a moving car)
- needle case
- thimble
- beeswax
- needle emery (cleans off gunk and polishes needle burrs) Do you have any kits or tips for crafting on the go?