chiangmai postcard #1: thai cooking school!

chiangmai postcard #1: thai cooking school! chiangmai postcard #1: thai cooking school!chiangmai postcard #1: thai cooking school!

Last Wednesday, I wrote about the wonders of Chatuchak Market, including the dizzying array of food and spice products available. 

As the perfect antidote to a rather unpleasant over-night train ride, my time in Chiangmai started out with learning how to use Thai ingredients in a cooking class at Zabb-E-Lee.

We learned how to make coconut soup, pad thai, egg rolls, curry paste and different curries. It was super fun, and I was really happy with how the dishes turned out. 

I doubt I'll ever make curry paste by hand at home (it was a ton of work!), but the coconut soup was easy and delicious.