designer interview: alex tinsley!

Today, I bring you a quick interview with Alex Tinsley, of Dull Roar and Bombazine, and the designer of Boundless. If you're not familiar with Alex's design work, be sure to check out her designs - all 126 of them - on Ravelry!

My current physical location is: Southeastern Michigan - chilly, but starting to come around to spring, finally!

My current soundtrack is: My carefully-trained Mazzy Star Pandora station

This morning, my breakfast was: Oatmeal with maple pecan praline and ginger tea

My current favorite knitting / crafting/ happiness-inducing project is: I actually have almost nothing going right now- I'm taking a break to spring clean my house in a big way. But I've been RIT-dyeing some clothes and blankets to better suit my tastes and that is certainly pleasing!

If I could travel anywhere, I would go to: Death Valley. Or Iceland.