designer interview: lara mouttham of level up nerd apparel!

Today I have an interview for you with Lara, the lovely crochet designer behind the Aang Beanie and wrist-warmers! You can check out her full line of patterns and more in the Level Up Nerd Apparel etsy shop.

Current physical location: Washington, DC, or to be more precise, the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington DC, where I work. 

This morning, my breakfast was: whole wheat toast with peanut butter and sliced bananas, and an apple. 

The best album ever is: a very very cruel question, since there are many many best albums ever. At the very moment though, it's a tie between Til The Casket Drops by ZZ Ward and Le Pop by Katzenjammers. 

I am currently crocheting: many many adorable hats for my little cousins that I haven't seen in years and will finally get to see in two weeks! I also just finished a custom order for a Minecraft creeper hat, which turned out fantastic! 

My secret super power is: finding everything and anything that my fiance loses or misplaces. I often don't even need to go look for them, I can just name their location from the top of my head. It's a very useful gift.