designer interview: Lee Meredith of leethal knits!

Lee and I having coffee in January in Portland, OR!

About Lee:

Current physical location:  A small, bright blue house in Southeast Portland, Oregon.

My breakfast today was:  Trader Joe's cinnamon oatmeal.

The best album ever is:  Ooh no that's an impossible question!  I refuse to answer!

I am currently knitting/making:  I started a sweater recently - Stephen West's Enchanted Mesa in leftovers - but it's going to be a very long term project as I fit in chunks between design knits.  I just completed a design (Mikkey) so it's time to move on to the next design project this week, which will be a 2-color shawl with slip-stitch patterns.

My secret super power is:  I hand-code my own websites (, that's probably something most people don't know about me.  I learned some html in college, then taught myself more, and some css and whatever I needed to know to make my sites do what I wanted them to do - I've always done it totally by hand in TextEdit.  As for natural talent kind of superpower, I usually kick ass at parallel parking!

About Robin:

Is Robin named after a person? If so, who?  Robin is part of a trio of patterns (Short Stripes Trio) - the patterns are named Maurice, Barry, and Robin… after the Bee Gees!  (I just completed my second pattern trio, named after Motörhead, another musical trio - these are all patterns in heavy weight yarns, so I chose a heavy band.  I have MANY more trios planned for the future, mostly named after trio bands, but some are named for other kinds of trios.)

What was your design inspiration?  I'd been seeing all these popular shawl patterns involving short rows and stripes, and just kind of thought, I want to do that!  I started swatching and sketching ideas for making short row wedges and turning them into a shawl shape, and eventually, Robin was born!

How do you wear your Robin?  I usually have the triangle point kind of to the side, with the sides wrapping around, more like a scarf than a shawl really, all cozy around my neck!