designer interview: Mel of MSkiKnits & WithMel!

designer interview: Mel of MSkiKnits & WithMel!

Today, I bring you an interview with Mel, wearer of many hats! She's the designer of Hapa, creator of (formerly Single Handed Knits), and the camp director of Camp Aloha Friends

Current physical location:

Just outside Wilmington NC, North Topsail Island at my old HUGE teacher’s desk. It is MASSIVE and perfect for being creative as it has lots of desktop space (enough for 2 iMacs and a laptop, several mini cakes of Helix Yarn, about a dozen other skeins of yarn being swatched, one old fashioned typewriter, a compass from the early 1900s, A 3 legged magnifier (looking glass) from the mid-1800s and a old steampunk inspired telescope clock. My desk also has a half dozen drawers in which you will find everything from paper clips, pencils and pens to knitting needles and darning eggs, to typewriter ribbon and envelopes!

This morning, my breakfast was: 

4 shots of espresso with a teaspoon of agave and some strawberries, almonds, cashews and Medjool dates in a bowl with greek yogurt

The best album ever, or my current favorite album is:

Ugggh! Such a tough one…Tied for first place is The Cure: Greatest Hits and Permanent Record: Violent Femmes….but coming out of my Old School hiding place my number 2 slot would be shared anything Nirvana (that isn’t old school, it is Classic) and The Killers

I am currently knitting/ creating: 

I had to giggle as in my lap are 2 sets of needles, one size 9 and one size 10s, both with sweaters…and to the right of my laptop are 2 accessories and on the left 3 hats… and they have all been touched for a bit of knitting since the first sip of espresso 2 hours ago…I create best all at once...

My secret super power is: 

I actually honestly and unashamedly love people, just as they are…and can see all the good in them they don’t. It is like x-ray vision, only a gazillion times better!