F.O. Friday: A quilt for my Dad

F.O. Friday: A quilt for my Dad

Object: Queen-size quilt

Materials: Pieced using indigo-dyed cottons from Shanghai, and some hand-batiked indigo from Yunnan province.

The back is a whole-cloth indigo coverlet design, with a motif of pomegrantaes and Buddha's hand citron surrounded by stylized lucky bats. I have been told that the poem written around the outside has something to do with long life, but it's in Manchu (I think - could very well be wrong) and I haven't found anybody who can read it.

Verdict: I love how deep and strong the colors are, and I'm very happy with the finished result. However, it was really hard to see what I was doing during piecing and quilting.

My Dad says he really likes it, so: Win!