f.o. friday: Inkling the Squid!

There has definitely been some knit-inspired happy dance action happening around the studio this week.

In addition to being able to reveal a formerly secret knitting project, this particular F.O. is special because he's the first member of the Summer of Cephalopods pattern collection: Please meet Inkling the squid!

Inkling is a friendly little guy with wide eyes and and a sweet disposition. He's a great neck pillow as well. I'm really happy with how this sample turned out, and I'm almost done with his sidekick as well (more on her very soon).

There will be a new cephalopod every month through September (and possibly beyond). I hope you like knitting tentacles!

Inkling's pattern and kit will be coming out next week, and the pattern will be free for newsletter subscribers (you can sign up here). 

Do you have any F.O.s this week?