F.O. Friday: Opus the Octopus

Today has been a really big day in my knitting life: the day of being published for the first time! 

While I realize that a pattern for a 3-foot-long knitted octopus may not be everybody's idea of a crowning achievement, it's a big one for me. Other knitters dig the pattern, and recognition from peers feels really, really good.

Opus would not have been published were it not for a lot of help along the way. Huge thanks go out to:

  • Evonne, for introducing me to Knitty back in '09
  • Rachael Herron, whose Embrace sweater inspired Opus. Her blog is amazing, as are her books.
  • Maia E. Sirnis for designing Embrace,
  • Tara Swiger, for her excellent map-making kit which got me from idea to implementation,
  • Anne for test knitting,
  • Kate and Amy and everybody at Knitty for being grass-roots, free, and fun to work with,
  • Mark for being ever-patient,
  • Dad, for being excited about cephalopods.

There are more creatures in the works - look for a new squid species in October!