Garden Report

Garden Report

I love my garden. I could give you a whole slew of reasons why it's not bigger, better, further along - we moved, late start, rainy spring, blah, blah, blah - but I love my garden, right where it is right now, bugs and all.

Things that did well this year: 1. beets. 2. basil. 3. lemon balm and mint (surprise!)

Things that died: 1. bachelor's buttons. 2. sweet peas. 3. most of the squashes (due to some weird disease).

Garden Report

I'm loving the Roma tomato plants, and kinda underwhelmed by the rainbow chard. I have a bazillion basil seedlings, and no idea where to put them. Too much basil is a problem I'm happy to have.

The kale seedlings are hanging in there, despite constant threat of destruction by caterpillars. Sweet Neighbor's birds have been helpfully dispatching the little green monsters right and left.

Today's dirty job was turning the compost pile at the Skyfarm. It's used by everybody at the garden, but it doesn't get much love. It was a gooey anaerobic mess back in May, but has responded really well to being re-layered.

Speaking of gooey anaerobic messes, my home compost is... well.. a work in progress. I'm hoping to convert it into a worm bin in the next few weeks.

Does anybody out there have experience composting with worms?