UFO Sightings

Before my reputation as a crackpot really takes off, U.F.O in this case stands for “UnFinished Object.” Virtually everyone has a couple of these stashed somewhere.  I’m pulling mine out into the light of day and tracking my progress toward completion.  Five projects in five weeks should be totally do-able, right? For the sake of not ending up with yet another to-do list I never reach the end of, the UFOs on this list are limited to projects I’ve worked on at some point but never finished. Projects I’ve thought about but not actually started, or anything I’ve bought supplies for but haven’t gotten around to yet is excluded. That list is extensive enough to live in its very own notebook.

The five lucky projects are:


1. Foo dog needlepoint

  • ten years in stash and counting, this baby is a hand-me-down UFO.

2. Dragon and Phoenix silk quilt

  • Dates back to 2006 and my very first trip to Asia.

3. Silk crazy quilt

  • Dates back to 2008 I think…. Just needs edging?

4. Fish pants

  • I think the last time I wore these was in 2006 maybe? They’ve needed help for a long time.

5. Spider web tote bag

  • The freshest of the bunch, this one only goes back to last year.

I’m setting Sunday June 4th as my self-imposed deadline for getting these projects wrapped up. Stay tuned for progress reports!