in lieu of f.o. friday, deep thought #1

I’m in the middle of several large projects, so instead of having F.O. Friday go dark for weeks and weeks, I thought I’d use this space to shine a light on the dorkiest of my hobbies: I’m a HUGE productivity and time management nerd.

I like science, and I like science-y things. The idea that you can get more done in less time if you adjust your habits and actions really appeals to me. There’s a formula for making life run better? Sign me up!

But one size does not fit all. Dozens of authors have dozens of formulae for how to best adjust your habits and actions, and most of them don’t knit – so I’m throwing my hat in the ring.

Based on nothing but my own biased opinion and experience, I wanted to share some thoughts on productivity, and later, I'll get into how to create a system for yourself and your creative outlet of choice if you are so inclined.

Individual mileage may vary.

Without further ado, the first Great Truth of being more productive is this:

You will never be caught up.

You will never, ever, be caught up – and that’s a really good thing.

Imagine how awful would it be if you finished everything.

There is nothing left to do.

You’ve completed everything.

Oh, and your stash is gone.

You knitted/quilted/wove all if it and you didn’t replace it. Because you were getting caught up.

Screaming yet?

The truth is, most of us don’t actually want to be caught up. What we actually want is the feeling of being caught up, and the fun of being on to the next thing.

Which is a totally different thing from actually being caught up.

So, congratulations! Take a breath. You are in the middle of things, as it should be. “Caught up” is not the finish line. 

Next week (unless I finish something in the meantime): Defining the Territory