interesting times: make your own bone broth!

There is an apocryphal ancient Chinese curse that goes “may you live in interesting times.”

Well friends, I’d say things are definitely getting interesting.

This morning, the local wet market / food centre / gathering spot for the aunties and uncles in my neighborhood was denuded of meat and produce. Malaysia has closed its border, and a lot of the fresh greens and herbs I buy come down from Malaysia - not to mention the chicken we eat and use to make food for the dog.

The chicken seller saw me round the corner, and waved me off with a loud but friendly “all finish already!” All his roasters were already sold, and what remained was about five pounds of backs and necks, and a large pile of chicken feet.

Now this is something I can work with!

I needed to make chicken broth today for tonight’s dinner anyway, so I made a recipe in case you’d like to try your hand at making bone broth. It’s about as easy as cooking gets, and it’s a great way to eek a little something extra out of a roasted chicken or whatever oddments your butcher may have in his or her case, while also making use of the less glamorous parts of the veg in the back of your produce drawer.

I think we could all use some homemade chicken soup right now, and great soup starts with great broth. Wishing you good health!

interesting times: make your own bone broth!