japan postcard: the cat round-up

As I'm sure you all know by now, I have a soft spot for felines. 

If you're a fan of cats, Japan is a fantastic place to visit, with cat-themed art and signage everywhere. 

japan postcard: the cat round-up japan postcard: the cat round-up japan postcard: the cat round-up

If that weren't enough, there are even cat cafes.

What's a cat cafe? It's basically a coffee shop crossed with a petting zoo. You pay a one-hour minimum charge (about $10), and pay by the minute after your hour is up. You can get coffee, snacks, or beer, but really, it's all about the feline companionship. There's a full-color binder with each cats' photo, name, breed, and birthday.

The most important item on the menu is actually not for the patrons, but for the furry hosts and hostesses: for around $3, you get a small box full of shredded chicken breast. One box per hour per patron.

The cats work the room like nobody's business. As soon as I received my first box of chicken, I was mobbed by a pair of occicats and a bengal. These cats are so loved-up by so many people that they're not moved by your offer of a chin scratch - they want that chicken, and it is pay to play.

Thus, they tend to be a little grumpy about being photographed. 

japan postcard: the cat round-up japan postcard: the cat round-up

I had a great time, and would highly recommend Cafe Calico if you're in Tokyo. The coffee was great, the facility was clean and well though-through. The drinks even come in cups with lids so no fur ends up in your beverage.