More Popsicle Batts

More Popsicle Batts More Popsicle Batts

The Creamsicle batts have a popsicle-inspired sibling - the Big Stick batts. Anybody remember that one? Swirls of banana and cherry flavor, and one of the larger quiescent frozen treats your quarter could buy back in the early 80's.

These batts started out as... well... they started out as a bunch of fluff that fell on the floor at a spinning workshop. The goal of the workshop was to create repeatable, measured batts. The stuff on the floor was neither measured nor repeatable, so I just carded it up to see what would happen. It was mostly yellow and pink, and the result wasn't terribly appetizing. Sort of "Easter Egg gone bad" - the yellow looked sulfurous, the pink had some other stuff mixed in it, and the whole thing made me think of an angry teenage goth girl in a trashed pinafore dress (and not in a good way). Back to the carder it went.

I added a healthy amount of dark red, scarlet, orange, and some coral/peachy stuff that was hanging around in a random box of fiber scraps. Much better!

There's a small mountain of chores and to-dos between me and the spinning wheel today - here's hoping for a productive Saturday and new yarn pics tomorrow.