on the needles: april 14th

on the needles: april 14th on the needles: april 14th

Taj Mahal Socks - Still need to cast on for the second of the pink/purple/black colorway.   

Gifthorse Hoody - A makewearlove Custom Fit Sweater. I'm using my Helix yarn in colorway The Good Earth.  The sweater back is done, and I'm starting on the sleeves. I'm doing the sleeves two-at-a-time from the same skeins to even out the color since there are two dyelots involved. Still loving it, still can't knit it at night. 

April Free Pattern - Secret Knitting! - If everything goes according to plan, this shawl design will be ready to release in the next week or so. Please keep your fingers crossed!

on the needles: april 14th on the needles: april 14th

In other news of the ongoing sort, we've moved! 

The photos above are the before and after of a funny little kitchen nook that I've converted into my dye lab. 

In the old layout, the refrigerator was blocking the entry to the space. When I pulled it out, I found a sticky trap with a dozen dead roaches, plus a rat trap (thankfully empty). After a lot of scrubbing, the tile is looking really good for its age, and I hope to be ready to dye tomorrow.

The new place is in a funky, quirky, pre-war building in a maze of leafy lanes. Everything is unpacked, and we're about 60% settled in. There's still a lot to be done in the living room, but I have my office 100% ready to go and the loom is re-assembled and awaiting its next project.

What are you working on this week?