on the needles: august 4th

on the needles: august 4th

on the needles: august 4th on the needles: august 4th

A weekly round-up of my current knitting projects.

Gift Horse Hoody (a makewearlove CustomFit Sweater): I finished both sleeves up to the shaping. I'm going to block all the pieces before knitting the rest (too-short sleeves drive me insane, and I hate having to rip out caps to adjust sleeve length). I swatched a little cable pattern to go on either side of the zipper, and now I'm on to working the left front. 

Krewe: Progress! It was really satisfying to start the third color block. The halfway point is in sight! 

Shocking Pink Portland Sweater: Both cuffs are done. That knitting above the cuff on one sleeve? It all has to be ripped out. I'm choosing to think of it as a really big swatch.

The pattern (Beach House Pullover) has kinda baggy sleeves, which are not my scene. I reduced the stitch count by a full repeat (from five repeats to four) and knitted away before I realized that the sleeve has to have an odd number of repeats for the shoulder detail to work. The middle repeat extends into the shoulder saddle, and it's going to look less than stellar if it's half of one repeat and half of another. Sigh. 

What's on your needles this week?