on the needles feb 3rd

on the needles feb 3rd on the needles feb 3rd on the needles feb 3rd

Here's my list of current WIPs (chronological based on start date):

1. CustomFit Sweater vest from makewearlove in Infinite Twist Helix: No progress. Gah!

(2). Not knitting, but I'm indulging myself with studio time working on a new quilt. I'm justifying sewing during work ours with the fact that it's Chinese New Year, so technically vacation.

3. Prairie Ridge Shawl: Still completely loving the pattern. Not so stoked on knitting at night with Box of Chocolates. This project really needs to be daylight knitting. 

4. Robin (kit sample) by Leethal in Infinite Twist Qinghai Handspun DK (kits coming soon)- Two more wedges to go. This needs to be finished, blocked, and dry for Wednesday's photo shoot. There's nothing quite like a deadline to make the fingers fly.

What's on your needles this week?