on the needles: july 21st

on the needles: july 21st on the needles: july 21st

Krewe: I'm almost done with my 2nd color section. I love how this is working up, but it's still taking full concentration to follow the pattern. Slow going, but I'm loving the challenge.

Gift Horse Hoody (a makewearlove CustomFit Sweater): Back out of hibernation, but should be filed under "when knitting attacks."

The good news is I realized why my cuffs were so huge and out of whack: the seed stitch rib is a way bigger gauge than the stockinette body, like 19 stitches over 4" instead of 25. While I'm fine with a wider measurement around the lower body edging, I don't want bell-sleeves, so I'm going with a 2x2 rib instead.

You can see the seed stitch cuff which I haven't ripped out yet (all 52 stitches of it) above the 2x2 rib cuff I started today (also 52 stitches) in the photo above. Quite the difference, eh?

The bad news is I already have a bad feeling that I'm going to be ripping out the body rib (currently in seed stitch) and going with a 2x2 rib there instead too. Sigh. Knitting is not a forward-only exercise.

Secret Knitting: This is the tiny tail fin of a sea creature you'll get to meet next week. I'm excited to share this new pattern with you! It'll go out free to newsletter subscribers, and you can sign up here if you like.

What's on your needles this week?