on the needles: june 16th

 on the needles: june 16th on the needles: june 16th

Sherpa Jacket: I cannot say enough nice things about this pattern. However, my version of it looks sort of like a geoduck at the moment - the body is folded and trussed so it's not flopping around on my lap and getting all twisty as I knit the sleeves, which are picked up and knitted in the round.

I love doing sleeves this way because (1) I can avoid purling, and (2) I can try the sweater on so can see how the shoulder shaping is looking early on. In this case, it's really, really good. I picked up the stitches and knitted half a sleeve yesterday. It's crazy talk, but I think I might just finish this guy this week.

Stripey Socks: One down, one to go. The second sock may take a bit longer than planned, since I stole its needles for some Secret Knitting. I feel really guilty about this, since failing to cast on the second sock of a pair immediately after you finish the first one is a huge invitation for Second Sock Syndrome. It just can't be avoided. Anyway, the Secret Knitting is just a swatch. Not even a really big swatch. A teeny tiny swatch. What could possibly go wrong? Ahem.

Krewe: This is a new pattern from Leethal for a summer-weight cowl inspired by Mardi Gras beads. After some fancy work with dropped stitches, this is going to be lacy and light. It's already looking lovely, and the design is a thoroughly engaging knit. Highly recommended.

As with all of Lee's patterns, her clear instructions and photo tutorials make it easy work out of some very fancy techniques. The pattern features a chart and row by row instructions as well. 

I even have kits for it, which will be in the shop this week. In the meantime, you can email me to reserve one if you like.

What are you working on this week?

on the needles: june 16th on the needles: june 16th