on the needles: may 5th

on the needles: may 5th on the needles: may 5th

Taj Mahal sample – so close to done! I might even finish these guys today. The pattern is off to the editrix, and another brilliant knitting genie is working up the charts.

Gifthorse hoody – coming along. Working the second cuff, and loving the change of pace from Taj Mahal. There’s something I enjoy about going from the chunky stranded color work on Taj Mahal to the tiny needles (2.75) and single strand of Helix. However, I discovered this morning that the cuffs don't quite match - not sure what I did differently, but the moss stitch on one looks more ribby than on the other one. That's going to block out, right?

Sherpa sample – Done with the collar/front edge detail, and now working the rest of the front edge. Each row is more than 400 stitches, so this is going to be a long-term project. It’s perfect for late afternoon knitting when I want to mentally check out. Oh stockinette in huge long rows – how I love thee.

What's on you're needles this week?