On the needles: Robin by Lee Meredith

I really can't say enough nice things about this pattern!

Knitting Robin is like getting pleasantly lost in a good book - one where the plot twists and turns, and you're not sure what will happen next, but you trust that the author is taking you someplace amazing. 

I love garter stitch and I dig short rows, but for me, the best part of this pattern is that there is no heavy lifting in the math department. I don't know how she did it, but Lee worked out all the math for this gorgeous beast so it works in any gauge of yarn. It unfolds like a fractal, and never gets boring.

I have one more section left to go. I'm expecting to wrap it up this weekend, and I hope to have finished object photos for you next week.

In other news, the last of the kits for the Prairie Ridge Shawl go out in today's mail - Woot! Now that all the back-orders are filled, I get to make a kit for myself. 

What are you working on this week?