on the needles: september 22nd

on the needles: september 22nd

If you've been following this segment for a while, you've been seeing a lot of the same projects. I'm in the middle phases of two projects for myself that are taking a really, really long time to finish, so what's "on the needles" has been pretty static.

It's not that I'm not knitting. Rather, it's one of the weird paradoxes of running a yarn company: one suddenly has access to mountains of gorgeous yarn, but no time to knit anything for oneself.  

The happy fact is I've been knitting a lot - as in more than 30 hours over the last five days - but it's all been work knitting and secret knitting. Rather than continuing to show you the two same mid-project sweaters as last week and the week before, I'm updating this segment to show something I'm actually making progress on, as long as it's not super-super-secret knitting.

Today's contribution is a sneak peek of October's free pattern. It's a gradient version of my Carousel pattern, and I'm thrilled with how it's turning out. 

What's on your needles this week?