on the needles: strata for me!

on the needles: strata for me!

Odd balls - seriously odd balls, and four of them to be exact - inspired this palette of red, chartreuse, navy, jade, and olive. 

My Turkish novelty yarn supplier occasionally includes some wonderfully weird stuff in my order, and the last one was no exception. Red cotton ribbon paired with dark green furry yarn and a stiff, shiny black rayon combined in a single yarn? Why not!

I combined the oddities with hand-spun, and ended up with a combination that looked pretty good in the work basket. 

on the needles: strata for me!

Now it's all knitted up using a free pattern I wrote called Strata, and I couldn't be happier with the result.

Strata has it's own pattern page with images of the four versions I've knit up so far, and a free pdf download.  

I love this pattern because it's different every time I knit it, and I can change stitch and color at will - I'm also really digging the little tassels on the ends.

I'd love to know what you think of the pattern! 



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