UFO Progress, Week 1

UFO status: 20% complete! Project #1 - Needlepoint. Status: Working

I’m working on the needlepoint project at work during my lunch hour. Slow and steady. All that’s left are the clouds, but there are a lot of clouds.

Project #2 – Dragon and Phoenix silk quilt. Status: Stuck. Must buy ribbon or binding over the weekend.

My attempt to get the edging on the dragon and phoenix silk quilt was a comprehensive failure. The edging was supposed to be made out of lovely bright pink silk charmeuse and look something like this.

UFO Progress, Week 1

The silk had other plans. It did not want to be cut on the bias, it did not want to be sewn into strips, it did not take well to being ironed, and it was not going to make friends with the brocade border on the quilt (bang head against work table).

Here’s an image of the 10+ yards of cut and pressed binding ready to be sewn on the quilt, and now slated for the scrap basket.

UFO Progress, Week 1

I’m giving up on the whole bound edging idea for this project. This quilt is too delicate to be used on a bed anyway, and the binding would probably outlast the life of the quilt. Plus, I have no idea what to do with it when it’s done, so getting it done and moving on to something more satisfying is the order of the day. I’ve trimmed my edges, and now I just need to buy some tape or ribbon for a binding on the back side.

Speaking of something more satisfying, any ideas for what to do with this quilt? It has some special needs:  must be dry cleaned, prone to fading if exposed to light, prone to snagging (especially on kitty claws and little fingers), and too small for most beds.

Lest you wonder why I bothered with it in the first place, it’s really, really pretty. Really.