one the needles jan 24th

one the needles jan 24th one the needles jan 24th one the needles jan 24th

In knitting news this week, here's my list of current WIPs (chronological based on start date):

1. CustomFit Sweater vest from makewearlove in Infinite Twist Helix: I accepted I lost my pattern, printed a new one, and did about five rounds.

2. Randle Socks with Fish Lips Kiss Heel: the heel is turned, and looking good! The pattern is clear and well-written, and only a dollar. It's possible I will never stray from this heel.

3. Prairie Ridge Shawl: Underway! So happy to have this beauty started. Loving the pattern oh-so-much. 

4. Robin (kit sample) by Leethal in Infinite Twist Qinghai Handspun DK (kits coming soon)- About halfway done. This is my fourth Robin, and I think I've almost got the pattern memorized.

What's on your needles this week?