Despite the blazing heat and the crazy humidity, “planning season” is finally starting to start. It’s the time to work on the colors and yarns and themes of the Fall range, and start the nitty-gritty work of preparing the new patterns. Each month of the knitting season has its own mood – What I want to knit in September is different from what I long for in February.

New ideas, samples that need some tweaking, and old favorites bounce around in my head. A color-work hat for January? Socks for December? And mittens – when shall we knit the mittens?

For me, figuring out how the pieces fit together necessitates a rainbow of sticky notes and two colors of sharpies. Moving things around, adding and subtracting, nothing quite final… yet.

But it’s coming. Fall is really and truly just around the corner – Autumn sweater weather, apples, house socks, pumpkin pie – it will all be here before you know it.

I’ll have just the thing (at least I hope I will) for when you first notice that bite in the air that says knitting weather is just around the corner.

So tell me, if you’d be so kind: What’s your favorite thing to knit, and when?