Portland postcard

Portland postcard Portland postcard

Portland postcard Portland postcard Portland postcard

I had a lovely winter holiday in Portland, and wanted to share a few highlights with you today.

1. I got to have coffee with Leethal

2. I finished one of three colorway samples for a collaboration with Lee. I'm dyeing up some lovely light and fluffy hand-spun yarn from the Qinghai Spinner's Cooperative to make kits - more on this very, very soon!

3. I loved this tiger rug! I was thinking it could be really fun to make a dimensional rya rug with a fluffy animal on a plain-weave ground.

4. Sweet little terraria in a window. I love these miniature worlds.

5. At the Whiskey Soda Lounge, talking business with my two favorite guys.

6. Cheesecake from Ken's Artisan Bakery. Just wow.

What were your favorite moments over the holidays?