shanghai postcard #27: baskets

After last week's post about the gross things one finds on Shanghai sidewalks, I am pleased to be able to share something gorgeous I found on a Shanghai sidewalk: a basket vendor!

The basket vendor carries his wares on a small two-wheeled cart (like the ones used for non-wheeled luggage back in the day) and walks around until he finds a buyer. Basket vendors are fairly rare, and this is the first time I've managed to catch one. Sometimes, I see them from cabs, but I've never been able to actually stop and see their baskets before.

On Saturday, I was this particular verdor's first purchaser of the day, and so he still had about twenty bamboo baskets of various sizes strapped onto the cart with bungee cords.

The spiel for the strength and general awesomeness of his baskets is basically "here - try to crush it!"

These baskets are strong - the rims and the handles are big pieces of split bamboo, making very sturdy baskets, and the handles aren't going anywhere thanks to that pretty piece of weaving where it joins the rim. 

I love bamboo baskets. 

I have a weakness for handmade things.

I bought three and I'm not sorry.

What did you see around your neighborhood this week?