Shanghai: Wedding Dresses and Tea Eggs

Seeing laundry hanging on bamboo poles is an everyday experience in most of China. I've seen all manner of clothing, bedding, household linen, and plush fake-fur rugs stenciled with the outlines of tigers. Today brought something new to see on the laundry line - wedding dresses!

These are most likely prop dresses. Wedding photos are a big deal over here, and are done separately from the wedding itself. People will often rent Western-style wedding clothes (sometimes several different outfits) to be photographed in various locales - often snarling sidewalks and streets with large entourages of off-camera bridesmaids, friends and and assistants, and daring life and limb with mid-traffic poses.

 Another thing I haven't seen before is this many eggs in one pot.  

Shanghai: Wedding Dresses and Tea Eggs

These are most likely about to be boiled in tea for several hours to become tea eggs. Tea eggs are a popular snack in China, and easy to find anywhere dumplings or breakfast foods are sold. Eaten throughout the day, they're pretty tasty - salty and rich - with a network of dark brown veins on the surface of the egg white where tea has seeped in through cracks in the shell. 

What have you seen around your neighborhood this week?