shawl together: lace edgings with knitting kninja!

Hello knitters! I have an exciting post to share with you from Kristen Hanley Cardozo of Knitting Kninja.

 Kristen's series of posts on designing lace triangles is a must-read for anyone thinking about designing a lace shawl, with meticulous attention to detail, in-depth explanations, and great tools and tricks.

Starting with the story of her first shawl design, Kristen takes you step by step through the design process behind shawl creation - including charts and how they relate to finished objects, how to use lace insets as you design, and how to work with repeats.

In a special Shawl Together addition to the series, Kristen tackles edgings. From edgings that add contrast to continuations of all-over designs and sideways knitted edgings, Kristen de-mystifies designing the perfect finish for your project.

Check it out on the Knitting Kninja blog!