singapore postcard: around the neighborhood

There’s a new fella on the loose! I’ve seen this gorgeous rooster several times while out walking the dog. He’s what’s known here as a kampong chicken - a descendant of introduced European chicken breeds who interbred with local red jungle fowl. He’s a good flyer, and very wary of me. There’s a semi-loose flock who lives a few blocks away, so he may be an escapee from that group. It’s lovely to come around a corner and see him.

There’s also a very industrious group of wasps or native been building a spindle-like nest near my house. It blows around in the wind, so please pardon the blurry bottom of the image. There’s a group of wingless individuals constantly at the nest, and winged individuals seem to be hatching from the round-capped cells. I’m not interested in getting any closer to be sure.