StashFit, Exercise 1, Part 2!

Part 2 of the Walk Down Memory Laine exercise is to capture the words and phrases from part 1 of the exercise that feel the most significant to you. This step is important because it helps you home in on what your best knitting memories have in common. 

Here's my work, based on my best knitting memories.

Key Words about Place:

  • Dorm room (i.e. home),
  • Trains in Japan,
  • SnB at Mick's house.

Key Words about People & Purpose:

  • Knitting with friends,
  • Selfish projects.

Key Words about Emotions:

  • Excitement, mastering new skills
  • Quiet satisfaction, appreciating a project.
  • Laughter with friends, even at my expense.

Key Words about Projects: 

  • Socks, twice
  • Colorwork
  • Sweater
  • All on bamboo needles
  • Two brightly colored projects, one neutral project.

Distilling all of this down to five words or phrases:

  • Travel
  • Social
  • Challenge
  • Colorwork
  • Sweater

Next up, we'll continue to analyze knitting from the past with an exercise to looking at the highlights and lowlights of your output from last year!