Three Fun and Happy Things

First, the shop is chock full of Helix Giant Gradients. If you'd like continue the Valentine's vibes with a gift to yourself, or sock it to the winter blues with 700 yds of mood-lifting color, this update is for you!

Second, there's a lovely new shawl pattern available for Helix Giant Gradients - the Silver Linings Shawl by Artesanitarium.

Third, I have a special discount for you on e-courses in traditional Japanese sashiko stitching. It's always the right time for a cool new hobby!


Silver Linings

Shown in Helix Giant Gradient in Winter Birches, this garter shawl with a cable edging is knitted from the flat edge down in squishy garter stitch, and then trimmed with a panel of cable stitches. It's a lovely size, and can be worn and styled in a number of ways. The pattern is available here on Ravelry.


Kazue, with whom I was lucky enough to do a in-person workshop when I visited Kyoto in 2019, has created a range of online classes and patterns for this beautiful and functional needle craft. She's offering a 10% discount with code infinite for her online workshops.

Thanks for your support, and wishing you happy stitching!