Turkish Socks and a priceless expression

Turkish Socks and a priceless expression

With the end of January quickly approaching, I've got a bunch of small-ish projects still on the to-do list in addition to the big weaving project: * knit Turkish socks

* update photo album

* properly decorate and trim Tibetan robe

* dye six pounds of yarn

* make a lap cloth for spinning

How am I going to get all of this done by the end of Monday? I'm not really sure. The good news is that some of these things can be done while I've got a batch of yarn dyeing, so it might be possible.

The other good news is that I'm done with one of the Turkish socks, and being your own sock model is quite fun. The socks are knitted without a pattern. I'm using instructions and modified motifs from Anna Zilboorg's excellent book Fancy Feet (I have no idea why this book is now selling for $75. It's just wacky). I knitted these out of Halcyon Yarn's Botanica, and I can't recommend this yarn highly enough. The colors are gorgeous, and the yarn itself is lustrous and springy. I've never had so much fun doing multi-color knitting.

Turkish Socks and a priceless expression

As a quick update on my weaving project, things are moving along, but slower than I'd like. I started picking apart my 3+ ounces of fleece yesterday when my (very cross-eyed) cat jumped up on the table and expressed that things are going slower than he'd like as well.

I'm off to procure another cup of coffee and get going on the list. Happy crafting!