UFO Progress - 2.5 done, 2.5 to go

Project #1 – Needlepoint – I brought this project home over the weekend and successfully used it to procrastinate from working on other more pressing projects. There are now three clouds left. Progress! Project #2 – Dragon and Phoenix quilt – oh, so close to done it pains me to post about its incompleteness. Hanging tabs are done and sewn on, and all that remains is one pesky line of quilting. Argh. Anyway, here’s a picture after the binding was completed.

I’m also doing something fun with the left-over bits of backing. It’s a bright pink Thai silk my grandma picked up in Thailand sometime in the 80s. It stayed in her stash, and was passed down to me. The plan is to use it as ribbon in handspun novelty yarn. If you’re a spinner and have a sewing machine, this is a really easy, really fast , and really cheap way to add fun bits into your yarn. You just take your pile of scraps (like this) 

And cut with a pinking edge rotary cutter into 1/3” strips...

...and then sew the overlapped ends together on your sewing machine.

Project #3 – Silk crazy quilt – Done and on the wall for extra credit! Photos coming as soon as I have decent light.

Project # 4 – Fish Pants – no progress. This should be a quick project, but may sneak in at the last minute.

Project #5 – Spider Web Tote Bag – Done! I’m relatively happy with how this guy has turned out. Here’s a picture of the interior pockets as they were being assembled. The retro green/olive/aqua palette makes me happy.