We Three Things: Week of 11/11

Last week's things: 

1. Finish prep for sweater - pull needles, finish winding cakes, etc. 

Result: Win! Sweater is cast on, and I've completed around 12 rounds. 

2. 50% of warp wound onto the loom.

Result: Almost! I've got about 40% wound on. 

3. Schedule PT or massage for hands. I've pushed it with the knitting, and now have numbness in two fingers. :( 

Result: Win! I can feel my fingers again!  Thanks, Julie!


This week's things: 

1. Make kimchi. 

2. Start making yogurt again.

3. Succumb to the highly addictive nature of Robin by the brilliant Lee Meredith. I'm giving up on all other knitting until this shawl is done.


What are your three things this week?