Weekly 3 Things

As a weekly routine intended to promote creativity and happiness, I pick three projects to work on and then share the results. Feel free to post your 3 things in the comments!

Weekly 3 Things

This Week's things:

Thing 1: Make fig & chiptole jam. Recipe found via Punk Domestics.

Thing 2: Finish blocks for half of the quilt top. My Dad has signed up for a version of this quilt with grey in place of the red, so you'll be seeing lots more indigo over the next few months.

Thing 3: Spin three skeins of gray wool for blanket project.

Weekly 3 Things

Last week's things:

Thing 1: Make bread and butter pickles.

Result: Win! Kinda! Made six jars. Tried a new recipe, and right now they're WAY too sweet. Hoping it'll mellow over the next couple of weeks.

Weekly 3 Things

Things 2: Make 12 blocks for indigo quilt.

Result: Win! As of this moment, 19 blocks with four squares each are done.

Thing 3: Remaining 12 projects to Ravelry.

Result: Win! Kinda! I realized I actually didn't have 12 projects to put up... More like 8. As it turns out, I'm actually behind on releasing patterns.

The good news is I have six patterns I can release in the near future.

The bad news is I have six patterns that need tech editing, new samples, or both.

At least I know they're there.

What are your three things this week?