Weekly Three Things: A week of plans

As a weekly routine intended to promote creativity and happiness, I pick three projects to work on each week, and then share the results. Feel free to post your 3 things in the comments! This week's things:

Thing 1: Finish 75% of squares for quilt top, and create initial layout for quilt top. Thing 2: Create family budget plan for next six months. Thing 3: Plan for next year's garden, and create proposal for increased composting at the community rooftop garden.

Weekly Three Things: A week of plans

Last Week's things:

Thing 1: Fig & Chiptole Jam, recipe found via Punk Domestics.

Result: Win!

The jam is made, and we'll see how it tastes in a couple of weeks.

Thing 2: Finished blocks for half of the quilt top.

Result: Win! I picked up a couple of new fabrics this weekend to finish out the quilt top. Funny how a de-stash quilt project results in the buying of more fabric.

I'll be revisiting this project this week, so expect a photo next Monday.

Weekly Three Things: A week of plans

Thing 3: Spin three skeins of gray wool for blanket project.

Result: Win! I ended up with four whole skeins, and one partial.

What are your three things this week?