weekly three things: plants, pants, and catch-up

As a weekly routine to promote creativity and happiness, I pick three projects to work on and then share the results. Feel free to post your 3 things in the comments!

weekly three things: plants, pants, and catch-up

This week’s things:

Thing 1: 75% of quilt top done (carry-over from last week). Thing 2: Order mums and raspberries for fall planting Thing 3: Make corduroy pants.

Last week's things:

Thing 1: Finish 75% of squares for quilt top, and create initial layout for quilt top.

Result: Fail! I only made enough squares for three blocks, and made zero progress on the layout.

In happier tidings, I made myself a new messenger bag out of my stash of leather scraps.

weekly three things: plants, pants, and catch-up

I'm working to de-stash my leather by making wallets decorated with dots that I'm then selling at Jiashan Market. Some may soon make their way to Etsy. Each dot is punched out with a hammer and die, and it's really satisfying work.

Thing 2: Create family budget plan for next six months.

Result: Win!

Thing 3: Plan for next year’s garden, and create proposal for increased composting at the community rooftop garden.

Result: Win!

I'm all set to place my seed order for next year, and I'm meeting today with the garden manager to discuss whether or not the garden can have chickens.

What's on your list this week?