weekly three things: week of 11/19

weekly three things: week of 11/19

Last week's things: 

1. Make kimchi. 

Result: Win! The kimchi was delicious, and I used some of it to make two rounds of kimchi chijimis. I'm still tweaking the recipe a bit, but these tasty pancakes are a new favorite.

2. Start making yogurt again.

Result: Fail! I didn't get around to making my own, but I did pick up some new starter at Jiashan Market. 

3. Succumb to the highly addictive nature of Robin by the brilliant Lee Meredith

Result: Win! I'm an hour or two from finishing my shawl.


This Week's things:

1. Make yogurt

2. Finish Robin

3. Organize sewing room.


What are your three things this week?