weekly three things: week of october 28th

We Three Things (#W3T) is a group exercise intended to promote creativity and happiness. Each week, participants pick three projects to work on and then share the results. Feel free to post a link to your 3 things in the comments!

weekly three things: week of october 28th weekly three things: week of october 28th weekly three things: week of october 28th

Last week's projects: 

1. Finish quilting on indigo quilt, and cut edging. 

Win! The quilt is done and one the bed. It bled like crazy despite an entire box of color catchers. Every weirder, the color catchers picked up some red dye, but no indigo - and it was the indigo that bled! Luckily, a second wash cleared most of it up. 

2. Preserve home-grown basil.

Win! Basil was one of the few things in the garden that did really, really well. I ended up with 3/12 half-pint jars of preserve. It nearly doubles in volume when converted to pesto, and makes an amazing cracker topping just as it is.

3. Card five batts from Lincoln fleece. 

Win! The fleece is a dream to spin. Sending out the fiber love to Rivercroft Farm in Maine - y'all raise great fleece! 

This week's things

1. Make new tea towels. It's time to admit defeat on some much-loved but now ratty dishtowels.

2. Warp five sections for rya rug. Now that the quilt is done, on to the rug project.

3. Take my own measurements. I'm trying out Amy Herzog's CustomFit Sweater Dealio. I'm very excited about this, since I'm super picky about my sweaters. I will report back on how it goes.

What are your three things this week?