Work in Process - Upcycled Vintage Linens Quilt Top

I'm in love with this project. It's a quilt top with very basic patchwork made from upcycled vintage sheets. I was even able (thanks to Etsy!) to find a new-old-stock, still new-in-package sheet in the exact same pattern as the sheets my grandmother had in what was "my" room when I would visit her house when I was a little girl - it's the fabric with the orange roses. 

The fabrics are soft and washed and smell like sunshine and laundry drying outside. If you're interested in getting your hands on similar fabrics, I can't recommend Vintage Fabric Studios Enough. Everything I've gotten from Kelly has been in top notch condition and a dream to work with.

What you're seeing here is just the quilt top. I've now sandwiched the top, the batting, and the backing and started quilting it by hand. My last few quilts have been machine quilted, but I wanted to spend more time with this beauty.