Works in Process: Adventures in over-dyeing

It happens.

Indie dyers sometimes end up with skeins from the same dye lot that can look like they’re not even from the same county.

I bought a sweater quantity from another dyer whose work I adore, so I’m not going to say who she is, because the yarn did not match AT ALL. If it didn’t make me feel so smug about my own relentless color matching, I would have requested a replacement or refund. Instead, I over-dyed it.

Works in Process: Adventures in over-dyeing

This was the before photo. Only one skein had the little pops of brilliant lemon yellow that got me excited about this colorway in the first place.

I over-dyed it to even out the color, add more yellow, and bump up the anemic weak tea color that wanted so badly to be deep gold. I am now super stoked to knit it. Thinking about knitting Confetti but without the stripes.