Half-n-Half Sock Twin Gradient Yarns - Summer's Fire - Infinite Twist

Half-n-Half Sock Twin Gradient Yarn - Summer's Fire - Orange to Vermillion

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Half-n-Half Sock Twin Gradients are pairs of perfectly matching 200 m / 50 g gradient cakes dyed on the Infinite Twist Sock base, 80% Superwash wool / 20% nylon, 2 ply construction, sock/fingering weight, 400 m / 100 g in all.

Inspired by the brilliant colors of summer roses, Summer's Fire is a continuous hand-dyed, one-of-a-kind gradient. Starting with orange, continuing through orangey-red, scarlet, vermillion, and culminating in brilliant pink.

The dyeing technique I use to make gradients delivers brilliant and saturated colors in a range of variegated, speckled, and semi-solid effects. Each new shade of the gradient brings something new to your needles.